Volunteering With Feed My Lambs

Thank you for your interest in serving with Feed My Lambs! Our desire is to open doors for you to come and be a missionary in your own back yard of metro-Atlanta. There are various service opportunities for individuals ranging from one-time event assistance, to weekly tutoring. Below are descriptions of our continuing volunteer needs.

Please review carefully then email us in the inquiry box below with your service preference. We will then guide you through the next steps and connect you with the appropriate program director.

If you choose to help in the classroom all adults 18 and older are required to complete a background check beforehand.

Class Enrichment

If you have a special gift (art, telling stories, crafts, or helping out), you can come once during the school year or several times to share your gifts with our students. Again, if you have a specific school or county in which you would prefer to work, we can accommodate that desire.


Substitute Teaching

You can help during the week (Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.). Be on call for a few hours here and there. You can choose a county or specific school in which you work: Cherokee, Fulton, or Cobb. A formal education degree is not required. Must have a heart for missions.

You must have a criminal background check.

Intercessory Prayer

The Feed My Lambs staff comes in contact with many hurting people on a daily basis. As a staff, we pray for all partners, children, and families daily. However, it would be great to have a group of people committed to pray on a regular basis for the needs of the ministry. This will greatly help the people without needing to leave your home or get a babysitter.



In the spring and fall, Feed My Lambs plans a focused day of ministry and outreach within a community in which we operate a school. The staff and volunteers provide lunch, the presentation of the gospel, Bibles, clothing, toys, furniture and love to the people. The time commitment is one – five hours on a Saturday.


Happy Birthday Jesus Parties

During the Christmas season, we plan Happy Birthday Jesus parties for families around the metro Atlanta area. During these parties, we help families in need and each child recieves a special gift, enjoys birthday cake and a program that includes singing, dancing, puppets,etc. We need volunteers to help set up and prepare for the party, to help pass out gifts, balloons and other activities during the party and also to clean up afterwards. It’s never too early to sign up for these special parties, so contact us anytime.


At times we need carpentry skills, electricians, lawn maintenance, warehouse help, hanging curtains, computer assistance, etc. It would be great to have a pool of individuals that we could call occasionally for assistance. If you have a small business that offers these trades, or just want to volunteer your own time, we could provide a tax-deductible receipt for your in-kind donation of skilled labor.



We need help handing out flyers in communities and during specific events to let the community know about the ministry. Extra hands are always helpful in this way and it takes just an hour or two to make a great impact for the kingdom!



Help us spread the word about what God is doing through his Feed My Lambs ministry. People always receive the vision with great favor. However, there are so many people that have not heard about Feed My Lambs. We can provide public relation resources. Do you have an industry specific group that meets regularly? Could you book Ms. Elizabeth to present the vision?

Teach a lesson or share a talent
Read to the class
Assist the teachers
Do an art activity (either from the curriculum’s unit of the week, Thanksgiving or Christmas)
Help with or host seasonal parties such as Happy Birthday Jesus, Thanksgiving, Valentines Day, etc.
Take part in mystery guest Fridays
Career Day at our school(s)
Help our cooks in the kitchen
Be a part of school spirit week (in the Spring)
Participate in Praise and Worship with the students
Bleach toys in the classrooms
Help organize and participate in Field Day
Host a fundraiser
Enter our annual golf tournament (May)
Play with our bed babies
Pot luck with our parents and students (for Thanksgiving or Christmas)
Help work at a Happy Birthday Jesus party (help set up, serve food, hand out sweat shirts, distribute gift bags)
Prepare for Happy Birthday Jesus Parties (collect toys from birth-12 years old for boys and girls, stuff gift bags, organize sweat shirts, etc)

These are just a few of the volunteer opportunities available. Choose a little time or a lot of time depending on your schedule. For more information or to apply to help with any of these volunteer opportunities, contact us.