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We are pleased to announce the successful completion of our 13th thriving year at Feed My Lambs’ El Eden School in Pierdras Negras, Mexico. We were fortunate enough to be able to add a music teacher to the teaching staff this past year. This has allowed the children to express themselves and learn the age-old art of music. Through the diligent work of teachers and students alike, we are thrilled that we had 17 graduates from the 6th grade class and an astounding 28 little graduates from our kindergarten class with many, if not all, of our kinder-grads continuing their education with us into the current school year.

How wonderful it is to say that we are now into our 14th year at El Eden! We currently have 250 children enrolled and attending, with a waiting list of about 50 kids. The school is doing great and despite economic and health problems that seem to canvas the area in which our school is located, every single member of the El Eden staff returned to ensure another successful school year. We have also been informed that English classes have been added to the curriculum, pushing our students even further into the realm of success as they get older. The directors, teachers, and yes, even the school grounds keeper have maintained a safe, loving, and hope-inducing light in this once well-known drug community for 14 years. We could not be more proud of the work that they do there on a daily basis.

We try our best state side to provide adequate funding and support to aide our El Eden staff as best as we can, but in these tough economic times, it seems to be increasingly difficult to meet all requests for assistance. As you may already know, the area where our school is located has been consistently hit with intense weather conditions. Over the past year there has been torrential rainfall and flash flooding. This has taken a heavy toll on the buildings where our children come to learn. We currently in need of the funding to replace 3 tattered roofs in our school complex in El Eden.