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Currently there are 141 students enrolled at the Feed My Lambs El Eden School in Piedras Negras, Mexico. For over a decade this school has educated students from kindergarten to sixth grade and it has been a desire of the faculty, students and parents to expand the school all the way up to ninth grade. Feed My Lambs Mexico is pleased to announce that they are in the process of completing the paperwork to expand the school up to ninth grade and plan on starting these new grades in August. This will be the first time in Feed My Lambs history to have a school going up to ninth grade.

Change has also occurred for our teachers in Mexico. This year they started reforming the educational system, and in order to do their jobs with excellence and holiness, they have been taking extra courses, hired diplomats, and have attended conferences. The reform has proven to be a success because there have been numerous achievements within the school. One of the Feed My Lambs Mexico students won first place in the city on a very important national examination known as the Knowledge Olympiad, where he competed with students from other cities.

Excellence in Education

This coming June, students from third to sixth grade will be presenting a very important text that has been done on the national level for several years. These students will be part of the National Assessment of Achievement examination and are expected to do extremely well. Feed My Lambs Mexico has come in first place for several years on this examination.

For several years Feed My Lambs Mexico has been ranked in the top ten best schools in the state. It is believed that this school has done exceptionally well because the faculty and staff working in Feed My Lambs Mexico are God-fearing, committed to their work, and understand that this isn’t just a job but a ministry. The students at Feed My Lambs Mexico get to participate in daily devotionals with the teachers and every Wednesday they receive two hours of Christian Education. Expanding the school through ninth grade will be extremely beneficial because the students will continue receiving a Christian education and grow as mighty men and women of God.

Another reason why the school has been exceptional is because public schools in Mexico operate between 8:00am to 1:00pm, whereas Feed My Lambs Mexico is open from 8:00am-2:00pm; the kindergarten program is also open an hour later than the public kindergarten programs. Having this extra time with the students has given the school an advantage to progress over the other schools in the city.