City of Refuge is home to our Atlanta school since 2008. This is an exciting program that serves babies six weeks old to children age five. The school is located in Zone 1, the most dangerous and poverty stricken area in Atlanta. Our doors are open 7am-7pm, year round. The program at City of Refuge offers a 120 day program for women to live and learn life skill and vocational training while we teach their children. This school is our most costly endeavor. Our teachers work on a rotating schedule, and we welcome volunteers to come and assist anytime. Our classrooms are split into basic age groups; bed babies, toddlers, two’s, three’s and four’s. We are thrilled to partner with City of Refuge since 2008 and look forward to many years of serving the needy children in Atlanta together. Their website is

Director: AnnMarie Mitchell

1300 Joseph E. Boone Blvd.
Atlanta, GA 30314

(678) 908-9834

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