SKD Boulevard, 72nd Street, Paynesville, Montserrado County, Liberia

Written by Blake Weatherby on .

There are three locations of Feed My Lambs schools in Liberia. The first was established at the end of the fourteen year long Liberian civil war in 2003. This vision of a school was first conceived by Pastor Benjamin & Mandu Tomah. While they were visiting the United States in February, 2003, the idea to start a FML school in Liberia was relayed to Mr. and Mrs. Kells & Elizabeth Weatherby and they immediately incorporated Feed My Lambs Liberia into their programs. Since October of 2003, Feed My Lambs Liberia has been educating lots of post-war devastated Liberian children. Feed My Lambs Liberia is teaching both the Liberian school curriculum and instilling Christian values of the pupils using the Bible.

Favor and Michari Tomah, daughters of Benjamin and Mandu Tomah were among the first students that enrolled in this newly established Feed My Lambs Liberia in October of 2003. They were enrolled in the fourth grade and two years later the grade six national exam was reintroduced in Liberian schools. Both the academic and Christian based instruction was taking so well that all FML students except for one that wrote the national exam passed including Favor and Michari. Since Feed My Lambs’ first branch started as only an elementary school, Favor and Michari graduated and went to another mission school which was offering junior high school courses. In that school Favor received a double promotion from grade 7 to 9. She graduated last year taking the first place in her class. In June, Michari will be coming out of the same mission school. Both are grateful that Feed My Lambs has given them a very solid elementary foundation. Favor and Michari are just a few examples of many other children that have gone through the walls of Feed My Lambs that are making great and promising headways. Feed My Lambs Liberia is becoming a strong feeder school to some of the junior high schools in the community in which they're located. We want Feed My Lambs to become a stronger institution in terms of pursuing academic excellence and strong spiritual values.

When the six year lease agreement on the rented school building in 72nd street expired in 2008, there was nowhere for the school to move. At that time FML had acquired a lot of land near the location of the leased building. It was a vacant lot with no structure on it. The parents pleaded that they did want to send their children to another school and some of them contributed some building materials for the first five classrooms that were constructed on the land. On the same plot, we have built a concrete structure with the ground floor holding the church, a space for the cafeteria, a kitchen and a bathroom.

Feed My Lambs School in SKD Boulevard, 72nd Paynesville is the first branch of Feed My Lambs school in Liberia. It is now hosting 301 students from nursery 1-2, kindergarten1-2 and grades 1-8. We have 14 teachers and support staff and their names are as follows:

  • Emmanuel Lewis
  • William Doe
  • Tyrance Karnga
  • Bokolo Sallie
  • Otis Larmouth
  • Omingo Bahn
  • Eleanor Samah
  • Viola Gayepuu
  • Martha K. Diah
  • Mandu Tomah
  • Mai T. Payne
  • Varney Moses
  • Joyce Dee
  • Favor Tomah

On the Feed My Lambs 72nd grounds, we have one of Stephen Werner’s Memorial Hand Pump which is providing water for our students and the community in which the school is located. Our greatest need in 72nd is to put the five classrooms on top of the church and the cafeteria. Any contributions toward this cause will go a long way in providing great relief for the desperate situation of trying to find a conducive learning environment for our kids. We are no longer advocating for one big outstanding event in the lives of Feed My Lambs Liberia, but rather a very solid steady base for training children in the way of the Lord that when they have “grown older they will not depart from the Christian values” (Proverbs 22:6).

We want to acknowledge your generous contributions toward Feed My Lambs globally. We are extremely grateful for all the benevolent acts, donations, thoughts and prayers of everyone who works with us on the other side of the planet to aid in the lives and education of children.