Liberia, Africa

Written by Blake Weatherby on .

In 2004 when Feed My Lambs Liberia opened its doors, there was only one school with 50 children and all volunteer teachers. Today, there are three schools operating in Liberia, with 40 teachers on the payroll, and a total enrollment of 750 students from preK-6th grade!

Feed My Lambs Liberia teachers are equipping the students with a solid educational foundation by holistically providing Liberian-based education and Biblical instruction. These are the foundational years for the students, and what they learn in school they are taking it into their homes. We are seeing evidence of the power of God in our families here in Liberia. 

Liberia Building Projects

To date, our Ganta school has eight working classrooms in an as-yet unfinished building with 325 students and 13 teachers. Although they have used local materials to help with the mortar and roof, this school still needs funds to purchase doors, desks, chairs and other school supplies. The Tomahs would also like to start a piggery to help with the school feeding. The cost is $3,291 to complete the school. Water is still a great need in this area, and a new well will soon be built. 

The other two schools located in Garza and 72nd remain in critical need of building improvements and expansions. Currently there are 275 students and 14 teachers at the 72nd location operating in an unfinished church building, cafeteria and kitchen. With community support, they have been able to complete five classrooms, but are still in need of seven additional classrooms to house the growing number of students. The Garza school has 150 students and 13 teachers and is also operating in unfinished classrooms. There isn’t a roof and floors are not smooth; making it challenging for students to learn; and  with few supplies, this school is in grave need of furniture. The cost to complete these projects is $9,491. 

Other needs certainly exist, from securing continued monies for teacher salaries to acquiring building equipment and computers. Yet it is acquiring the funds needed for these construction projects that is most urgent. God’s instruction to us at Feed My Lambs is simply to share the vision He has given our ministry and let Him move on the hearts of people who are to give. If He moves your heart to support our Liberia schools, we praise Him for it and thank you for your willing and generous spirit. 

Local Feed My Lambs Schools Tithe to Bless Liberia

Feed My Lambs understands that by practicing good tithing habits, we are showing God our desire to put Him first in our lives, and the teachers make it a point to teach this to their students. Throughout the school year, students in the Feed My Lambs local schools tithe everyday to bless the Liberia and Mexico schools. 

Last year the local schools blessed Pastor Benjamin and Mandu Tomah with seeds for their school garden in Ganta and money to continue improving their schools. Today it is reported that the school garden is flourishing and school improvements are continuing.

We are excited to see how God is going to continue blessing the international schools this year as we continue tithing in the local schools.

Liberia Builds Monkey Bridge

Ray Liotta said in Field of Dreams, “If you build it, they will come.” This quote couldn’t be more perfect for a nearby neighborhood in Ganta where a large swamp separates the neighborhood from the school, making it difficult for children to attend school. In order to get those children to school who are across the swamp, the Tomah’s spearheaded a project to build a monkey bridge making it possible for the children and people living in the neighborhood to get to the school. 

This project was highly successful and the entire community has been blessed. Praise God for this wonderful blessing to the neighboring community in Ganta.