James Thomas

James Thomas

Chief Operational Officer

James A. Thomas III is the Executive Business Administrator and Human Resources manager at Feed My Lambs. He was born in Washington, DC and is the last of nine siblings.

He served our country for 14 years in the U.S. Army in the Signal Corps, as a Drill Sergeant and with a Joint Services command assignment for NSA on Johnston Atoll. He has two daughters, Alexandria Joy (Allie), 18 and Micah Jadon , 5. His life’s most impacting moments are spending time with his daughters, being in East Berlin before the wall was torn down, working as a professional umpire for 8 years, and his mission trip to Mexico.

James has been with Feed My Lambs since October 2001 and he brings a quality and discipline to our home office that is vital in the daily operation of the organization. We value his heart, loyalty and devotion to this ministry.

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